Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Soul Of Stromboli!

SABU Joseph, Chamakalayil

The Soul of Stromboli!

There it appeared… the Dawn, blooming beautifully!
Magnificent Sunrise of another Day!
The new Day was fashioned marvelously!!
Fashioned By the Creator...The One & Only!!
And…It was My Day…My Very Special Day...
As I Found My LOVE Again Far…Somewhere in the horizon!!

I woke up; somewhere in the sea!
Woke see a new daylight which was never seen before!
I knew …I woke up, beside “Stromboli”!
Stromboli...The volcanic Mountain in Italia!
The volcanic mountain, Still alive and of Great Attraction...
As it was melodiously kissing the Mediterranean Sea...!!

 Stromboli from a Distance
I stood up on the romantic Deck of my Dream yacht!
The Thirteenth deck of my quixotic vessel!
And, I saw Stromboli, spewing the Smoke out...
As if, she was crying out and trying to release all her agonies!
There I Felt the Heat waves began rushing off my heart too!

The Mountain kept, spewing the smoke out...
And, the Hot and white smoke moved upward
The smoke moved upward steadily…And Up above in the Sky
The Smoke Joined the Hands of the Clouds!
There, the Sun Shined, as it smiled wider & wider!!
Apparently, in approval of this loving rendezvous!!

Moments...Passed! I sensed a warmth feeling!
A unique warmth feeling, taking birth in Pain
Taking Birth somewhere…deep in my heart
The very special birth of an agonizing glance
Wherein, I could see “The soul of Stromboli wandering around...
Wandering, Holding the Hand of the Love of My Soul!

As I saw the Love of My Soul... My heart was shaken!
The Love of My soul, the love of my own soul and Life!
I become speechless, seeing my love in the volcanic desert!
There she stood shakily …Right in the middle of the vineyard
Holding a Fresh sunflower, with both her thin hands...And,
I knew it with a hurting Delight that she turned up to welcome me!

The Stromboli kept pumping the Smoke out
And, the White smoke moved upward to join the Clouds!
My heart became heavy and shaken…seeing the Soul of My Love!
Abruptly from somewhere, a cool breeze came patting me
A breeze came somewhere …from the tranquility!
The celestial tranquility of the Stromboli’s valley.

There, I took a glance again at her!
I saw her…down in the valley of Stromboli, wandering!
Wandering…As if in search of someone very special for her,
Someone…part of her own soul!
The very next glance at her…She saw me too!
Recognized me from far, She cried out loudly!

Although From far, I paused to console her, but in Vain!
She cried out...louder and louder!
I kept…helplessly looking at her without seize!
She looked tired, her face was pale!
Her body seemed significantly week!!
But…Looked confidently straight in to my eyes!

In her Look, there was power…I sensed!
The power to pierce in to the depth of my heart, instantly!
And…comfort me, as I was in agony too!
The agony of my downhearted existence!
She appeared like a pigeon of peace to give me her medicinal touch
And heal my wounds… the wounds inflicted in my spirit!!

Struggling hard and hard to reach me
She ran over the stones and thorns!
Running barefoot, the thorns cut her foot
I saw her bleeding from her foot
She was in pain evidently! But, never looked down…
As her eyes were on me and kept running to reach me!

She came nearer and nearer to the coast
I knew she was in tears and her eyes were swollen up
But she kept looking at me sharply!
Her long thick black hair scruffy and uncombed…
Flying in the wind around her brilliantly carved neck
Her filthy Clothes were torn apart and wet

The moments passed hastily… and she slowed down!
Probably, Realizing that the effort to reach me
Was nothing, but in vain and unsuccessful!
Between her and me, the Stromboli stood!
Like a giant, A Giant barrier of nature...
And a complex task of the time for me & my Soul!

 Then, heard a clatter from the skies above the Stromboli
And the noise interpreted me thereby, my heart murmured
“Is there any prospect for further Life”?!
And it has to go on…crossing all the barriers
Winning over all the predicaments and dilemmas, the life has to go ahead!
Go Ahead and Ahead…and reach the destination!

Stromboli became smaller and smaller!
The very next moment, it was no more in my sight!!
My eyes Remained Closed and I saw nothing, but darkness!
And in the layer of Dimness, I saw a flame!
The flame of love and desire
And my heart knew… I belong to and longing for this flame!

I Tried, But could not open my eyes
The Flame remained lit in the darkness
Behind the flame, I saw the “Stromboli” sparkle
And my lips moved…in an impulse and asked the Fertile soil of Stromboli...
”Will you be paving a path for me, with mud & dirt by some day…
To walk up on it and reach the love and joy of my soul wandering over there?”

My eyes still remained closed, nevertheless..
I saw my Happiness and My Soul behind the darkness
My Soul...Asked me, amidst her sobbing
“When Will you come to me…My Love…
Not just to glimpse at me and then fade away quickly,
But…To join your soul with mine?!”

There…My Eyes were opened...Gradually!
The blue ocean seemed calm and stunningly gorgeous!
Nothing was around me Other than, the silence of the seas!
I looked over the calm sea, at a very close view of Blue Seas!
There I saw a Dolphin flying high...Flouting the silence! As it dived back to the seas
In all its Glory and brilliance…The Sun shined Again!

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